Revival In Mexico!!!

I'm finally home from my incredible three-month journey here in Mexico. God has done some incredible things. Many souls saved, many filled with Holy Spirit and even more were healed. Countless more souls were blessed and touched by God and lives forever changed. Even when I did not preach I end up going to two different businesses were employees there requested prayer. I prayed for them and God healed them in some fell out on the floor knocked out unconscious by the power of God.

I'm so thankful God sent me down here on this missionary trip. It wasn't that easy being away from my family for three months but Facebook and the Internet made it much easier than in times past. I want to thank everyone that helped me with the tremendous expense of this trip. This trip has been unbelievable and I can't wait to see what God does next.

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Amazing Scientific Secrets Of the Bible  
There are those who have questioned the Bible’s authenticity. They question its inerrancy and they question should it be taken literally. There will be some statements that I will give that a reasonable person may disagree with the meaning.  Yet most of them if taken literally are so precise that there is can be no ambiguity as to their meaning.  Some of these statements may be argued that the evidence for them is circumstantial.  However we will give you so much evidence that any reasonable person must conclude that the these statements are divinely inspired.
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